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Tips for Yoga Food


Yoga Asanas should preferably be practiced on an empty stomach. A cup of tea, coffee, or milk preceding the practice is not harmful. However, an hour should elapse if one has had a light meal or four hours after a full meal before practice. Light beverages may be taken after asanas, but one hour should elapse before solid foods are eaten. Solid food taken immediately after practice may harm digestion.

However, there are a few asanas that can be done after a meal if so desired. They do not harm digestion and on the contrary, may help it. These are Siddhasana, Virasana, Padmasana. Supta Virasana, Baddha Konasana, Supta Baddha Konasana, and Matsyasana. These asanas relieve one form of heavy feeling in the stomach after meals.

A balanced diet, in moderation, is the best. Ayurveda says that the stomach should be filled with two parts of solid food and one part of the water and that one part of stomach should be kept free for the movement of air. Food which is not congenial to the system should be avoided. Too oily, dry, spicy, and sour foodstuff is not good for the system. A diet that is balanced, light, varied and well cooked is the ideal for health.

Those who are suffering from stomach and heart troubles, diabetes, and obesity should regulate their diet carefully. It is important to notice the change that the practice of asanas brings. In the beginning, the appetite grows as digestion improves. Later the intake of food is reduced, without affecting energy. Even a little quantity is relished. The system starts rejecting hot and spicy dishes. By regular practice, one’s own constitution guide’s one as to what is food and what is to be avoided in food.

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