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Training the Trainers

Shiv Holistic Yoga center established by Shri Shiv Kumar Mishra, who is lovingly called Guruji. The main aim of this yoga center is not to focus only on those people who are fighting for the weight loss; rather the main aim of this center is to train people so that they can spread the message attached with Yoga, which is to “Eat Healthy and Live Healthy”. That is why the unique concept of training the trainers was brought forward by Guruji. He firmly believed that Yoga is an art, which needs many more trainers so that art can reach and creates millions of stories in total.

To attain this mission which he named “Training the Trainers” he took some steps which ensured many takers of Yoga and it reached almost to every person in Mumbai at the least.

  • He came up with as many as 10 branches of Holistic Yoga Centre, which trained the commons as well as some not so common names in the field of Yoga, which had spread the health benefits of Yoga.
  • He got support from Bollywood Celebrities such as Shilpa Shetty, who herself got trained from here during her pre-pregnancy period as well as during the postpartum when she was shedding some weight in order to come back to her hourglass figure.
  • There are many corporate programs that are run by this wonderful center so that the message of being healthy can reach everyone who wishes to enjoy good health and lead a happy life.
  • Training the trainers do not have people trained already, rather they are few amongst us who enjoy yoga and love to spread the message and benefits of it and make the country a healthy and happy country to live in.

Were you aware that Yoga can make you happy as well?  Yes, the moment you start enjoying the art called Yoga, you will be really able to flush out all the stress of your life and you become a happy person in total.

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