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Group Classes

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Group Classes

At Shiv Holistic Yoga, group sessions are held as per your requirement. Group yoga classes are held for more than two people. We teach a variety of yoga styles to improve your health and wellbeing. You can go for a particular yoga style that best suits you. Any one and every one can become a part of our group yoga sessions. A group yoga session will typically have 15 to 20 members per batch.

Shiv Holistic Yoga introduced group yoga with an intention to reach out to families, friends etc. It is an ideal program for those who are a group and wish to learn yoga. At Shiv Holistic Yoga, we have a professional and knowledgeable yoga teacher especially for group yoga classes.

Going for yoga or any kind of fitness classes on a daily basis will improve your focus and make you feel energised. Yoga means healthy min d in a healthy body. Group yoga classes are an ideal alternative for those who hate exercising alone. Our group yoga sessions are a great way of socialising with people.

If you and your family or a set of friends wish to learn yoga, the best way to start is to join Shiv Holistic Yoga. You can learn yoga from a trained yoga instructor in the comfort of your home by opting for our yoga at home service. Contact Shiv Holistic Yoga for a yoga demonstration.