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Yoga Teacher Training Certificate Course

Shiv Holistic Wellness Academy Registered institutes( No. )

Shiv Holistic Wellness Academy founded by Shiv Kumar Mishra imparts yogic training to all nationalities and aims to become the focal point for a mass return to the ancient science of yoga. It aims to provide an accurate assessment of yoga practices within a scientific frame work and establish yoga as an essential science for the development of mankind. It is to provide trained yoga sadhakas / teacher for conducting classes, work – shops, seminars in every strata of society.

We have been conducting YOGA ALLIANCES Certified and Shiv Holistic certified courses.

Yoga Teacher Training Course

We offer following yoga teacher teacher training course.
Category A In Batches

Yoga Alliances Certified :

100 hour/ 200 hour/ 300 hour /500 hour / 900 hours.

Fess. Rs.: 20000/- to 45000/- depending upon level of course.


  • Theory
  • Practical
  • Lesson Plan
  • Home work and Assignment
  • Subject
  • Introduction & Philosophy of yoga
  • Anatomy of human body
  • Practical and Theory of Asanas /kriya/ Pranayam/ Meditation/Mantra./ Surya Namaskar
  • Teaching methods and lesson plan

Category B

Certificate Course At Home :

Course at institutes or online are already available in market .Now Shiv Holistic Yoga introduces “on site /Personal Yoga Teacher Training Certificate Course ”

Following are major feature of this course.

  • Yoga mate/ notes provided by Our institutions To students
  • Yoga teacher Faculty will visit at students place as per student convenient time for practical training
  • Certificate will be provided to students
  • Duration: 2 to 3 months(100 to 300 hours)

Fess. Rs.: 20000/- to 45000/- depending upon level of course.

Course include theory and practical both
One can become certified yoga trainer by doing Yoga Teacher Training
Certificate Course at theri own place

This course will be unique due to following reasons

  • Save traveling time
  • Flexible time
  • No language problem
  • Starts from any days
  • Notes & yoga mate provided
  • Certificate will be given to students