Yoga for Back Pain

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Yoga for Back Pain

In today’s fast paced life, back pain is one of the most common problems observed today. Ointments and balms provide temporary relief whereas Yoga is an ancient solution to this issue. Apart from conventional exercises taught to us at fitness centers, Yoga is altogether a different form of exercise that provides relief from severe back pain. At Shiv Holistic Yoga, we have a team of expert yoga trainers who guide you through several yoga asanas meant for back pain. These asanas not only provide relief but also strengthen your back muscles to live a pain free life in the long run.

At Shiv Holistic Yoga, we have a list of dedicated exercises for both upper and lower back pain as different muscles form upper and lower back. These asanas help straighten your muscles and bones thereby relaxing your back. Along with muscular asanas, there are certain breathing asanas that also relieve your back pain. The trainers at Shiv Holistic Yoga will teach you simple Yoga asanas which you can practice daily and get rid of back pain. Yoga is really effective for those who sit or stand in one particular position for a longer time. Join Shiv Holistic Yoga and say good bye to back pain.


Starting position – Lie down on stomach legs together. Chin on floor & hands by side of body. Starting to final position – Palm in shape of fist, insert fist below thighs. Both toes flat on floor. Now raise your right leg upward with knee straight raise leg maximum with knee straight without tilting of hips.
Final Position – Maintain in final position as long as possible without bending knee. Don’t move your right leg in final, breathing normal & eyes closed.
Return – In reverse sequence & repeat same with left leg.


Starting position – Lie down on back, legs together hands by side of body.
Starting to Final Position – Now slowly bend right leg at knee joint fully, take knee near chest with finger lock. Holds right knee & press maximum near chest.
Final position - In final left leg straight & flat on floor. Maintain right leg position near chest as long as possible.
Return - In reverse sequence. Repeat same with left leg.


Starting position – Lie down on back legs together, hands by side of body. Body in one line
Starting to Final Position – Slowly raise right leg upward towards 90o, keep left leg straight, flat on floor.
Final position – In final maintains keep right leg at 90o in final without any movement as long as possible with closed eyes & breathing normal.
Return – Return in reverse sequence.
Repeat same with left leg.