Yoga for Diabetes

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Yoga for Diabetes

Yoga is an age old technique of exercise known for its effectiveness in curing ailments like stress, obesity, asthma, mental disorders etc. Apart from these ailments, Yoga is also known to cure a certain type of diabetes. Yoga is effective right from the time of symptoms associated with diabetes. Many people may not agree to this but yoga plays a significant role in curing diabetes. Yoga is extremely vital from an early stage of life as it also helps prevent diabetes. Yoga is beneficial for your body and overall health in the long run. Yoga may not have a direct effect on diabetes but it helps regulate stress levels and enables relaxation which in turn prevents the symtoms of diabetes. At Shiv Holistic Yoga, the yoga asanas in our yoga for diabetes program help you overcome stress and relax your mind and body. These asanas are also ideal for people who are taking medicines for diabetes.

The intense Yoga program at Shiv Holistic Yoga can reduce your sugar levels and stabilise diabetes in the long run. Yoga for diabetes program includes less of muscular exercises and more of breathing techniques which enables one to overcome stress. The asanas in Yoga for diabetes have a soothing effect on your mind and body. Join Shiv Holistic Yoga and bid farewell to diabetes.


Starting position – Lie down on back legs together foreheads on floor.
Starting to Final Position – Bend both legs at knee joint, hold both ankles with respective hands simultaneously raise head, chest, stomach, knee & thighs maximum, only lower stomach on floor.
Final position – Try to keep elbow straight lift, stomach & thighs maximum breathing normal, eyes open.
Return – Return in reverse sequence.


Starting position – Lie down on your back, legs together. Hands by side of body.
Starting to Final Position – Slowly raise both legs. Straight up to 90o, raise hips & buttocks, stand on shoulders bend hands keep palm near your hips & buttocks give maximum support.
Final position - In final with support of hands. Lift maximum parts of body upward, chin pressing against chest legs straight & together, & eyes closed breathing normal.
Return - Return in reverse sequence.


Starting position – Lie Down on stomach, hands by side of body. Legs together keep forehead on floor.
Starting to Final Position – Bend hands at elbow & keep palm beside chest on floor elbow towards upward both elbow touching to body. Slowly raise your head & chest & stomach upto naval region. Bend neck complectly upward.
Final position – In final try to keep legs together. Elbow near body, shoulder & head upward & pressing lower back down ward
Return – In reverse sequence come back.