Yoga for Pregnant Women

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Yoga for Pregnant Women

Power yoga gives whole body workout, with flexibility, toning, strength building, and functional movements Power yoga is one of the most modern, advanced forms of yoga. Which has lots of benefits.

Benefits of Power Yoga

  • Power Yoga Burns calories & increases stamina, strength, flexibility, tones our body & increases metabolism
  • Power Yoga alleviates stress and tension. It improves focus, increases flexibility and strength in gluts and other inactive muscles.

In this program, we include intense & effective level of asanas, series of different asanas, good number of surya namaskar, cardio, stretches, breathing. Power yoga program helps in weight loss, stress release, body shaping.

Power Yoga at Home

1. Important Feature Yoga at Home (Personal Training)

  • Duration – 3 days in a week
  • Fees – INR 7000/- per month onwards
  • Area-covered – South-Mumbai, Mumbai-Suburbs, Navi Mumbai & Thane
  • Company background – 20 years of proven track record
  • “ISO Certified Institute”

2. Teacher’s Background
All personal trainers are qualified, experienced & groomed by yogi Shiv Kumar Mishra. All yoga programs for students are designed only by Senior & Expert trainers from the institute.

3. Contents of Yoga
We provide, customize yoga program to every student. We usually include Suryanamaskar, asana, pranayam, Meditation, relaxation, Kriya & Chanting as per requirement & assessment of student.

Please Note
We teach authentic & traditional yoga, in scientific manner. We recommend yoga program as per age, health- status and expectation of students.

Power Yoga Poses & Workouts you can try at Home


Starting position – Take standing position & keep 4 feet distance between legs.
Starting to Final Position – With 4 to 5 feet distance, legs straight, spread both hands at level to shoulder. In same position twist right side, slowly bend forward in twisting position in such a way that touch right toe with left hand & raise right hand upward, bend neck & look upward.
Final position – Both legs straight. Hands straight eyes open & look towards right hands finger
Return – In reverse direction come back & repeat with other side.


Starting position – Take standing position legs together. Hands by side of body. Body straight in one line.
Starting to Final Position – Now slowly bend, right leg, take right heel near your hips. Hold right ankle with right hand. Raise left hand front side, level to shoulder. Now slowly Lean forward with standing on left leg & try to spread your right leg, right ankle is hold by right hand continuously maintain in final position.
Final position – Breathing should be normal, eyes open, spread right leg maximum. Don’t release right ankle, left leg will be straight on floor.
Return – Come back in reverse sequence, repeat same with other side.


Starting position – Takes standing position spread legs 4 to 5 feet distance, spine straight, head in middle.
Starting to Final Position – Turn your right toe right side raise, both hands level to shoulder, palm facing ground. Turn head to right side, now start bending right knee maximum but body should be straight. Don’t lean backward or forward.
Final position – Try to keep left leg completely straight both legs heels & toes on floor. Open eyes & concentrate on right hand fingers. Both hands elbow straight. Open eyes, breathing normal.
Return – Return in reverse sequence.
Repeat from other side.