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About Shiv Holistic Yoga

Shiv Holistic Yoga was found by Shri Shiv Kumar Mishra in Mumbai who started practicing yoga when he was 10. After years of training from yoga experts, Shri Shiv Kumar Mishra is a renowned yoga specialist and runs an association of expert yoga trainers. His client list comprises of industrialists, sports personalities, Bollywood personalities like Shilpa Shetty, etc.

SHIVKUMAR To put in his own words, “Shiv Holistic Yoga is my humble offering to the society what I have learned and achieved through three decades of rigorous practice, research and training in the field of yoga. It is my sincere efforts to propagate yoga: the timeless art of integration of mind, body and soul: the holistic way to achieve exuberant health.

I have initiated this movement as teachers to serve the humanity as a whole”. There are two things in life we cannot survive without: money and health. Money is sought after most but enjoyed least; while health is taken for granted but enjoyed most. The whole business of earning money gives is endless trouble; if we have a lot of it, others are envious; if we have too little we suffer in many ways. Basically, we have the tendency to think that only money can bring us happiness, but we do not appreciate good health until we lose it. Today India is in dire need of healthy, energetic, inspiring and elevating spiritual master or Yoga Teachers. Various factors have brought about their degeneration. Regular and judicious practice of these valuable Yogic exercise prescribed by our Rishis which will doubtlessly go a long way in regenerating the invaluable race of man, and in the production of very strong, healthy and spiritual personalities. By bringing about a dynamic change, yoga can turn a man into a God-man. Shiv Holistic Yoga Pvt Ltd is India’s first ISO certified yoga training institute established by yoga Master Shivkumar ji.

Most people perform perceive Yoga as a way to stay fit. However, yoga is more than what meets the eye. Each and every Yoga asana enhances your body and mind in a holistic way. Yoga rules out the possibilities of physical ailments, mental stress and eventually makes you a better human being. Yoga cools down your mind and lets you connect with your spiritual self. Yoga also helps you identify your purpose in life. Most people still find it hard to believe the importance of Yoga, but it has certainly changed the life of millions of people worldwide. Did you know? Yoga is not only popular in India; it is practiced

Shiv Holistic Education trust is a public charitable trust registered under Maharashtra public trust act 1950 established by yoga Master Shivkumar ji .Main object is to spread proven benefits of yoga, impart effective yoga training, education and create overall awareness about Holistic Education in the society. The mission of the Trust and the trustees is to cater to all sections of the society in an affordable manner. After its trustees having gained experience of about more than 15 years, Trust proposes to establish an Ashram in Rishikesh with a view to provide a state of art facility which will include yoga teacher training, yoga rejuvenation and panch karma center, certificate course in naturopathy, medication, spiritual growth, healing through yoga therapy and ayurvedic medicines, promotion of Sanskrit and rearing cows etc. amidst the serene and pollution free enjoinment in Himalayan valley which will be called as Shiv Himalayan Ashram

Shiv Himalayan Ashram is the spiritual hermitage or a place where a spiritual or religious guru and their disciples will live and be devoted to spiritual activities like yoga, meditation or Vedic education. From the Sanskrit root word srama, ashram means “making an effort toward liberation.” Ashrams have existed in India for thousands of years. This beautiful Ashram has rural locations, such as forests Himalayan mountain ranges, with the natural surroundings to enhance the spiritual practices taking place there and will ensure a return to a simpler way of living with a focus on awakening and finding meaning in life, .yogis who wish to deepen their practice and knowledge, may study the scriptures, meditate, practice and perfect the advance asanas of yoga and perform karma yoga duties.

Everything about this ashram comes from the heart and devotion to the supreme god. The meditations, yoga classes, Ayurvedic Naturopathy treatments, Natural living religions Bhajan and food are all carefully prepared so that each guest in the ashram is fully supported in their healing, learning, and inner process. Ashram will undertake following activities to cater to the masses for the betterment and spiritual growth of the society.

Dr.Asmita Sant
Expertise in yoga Ayurveda with Modern science for treatment of Diseases.

Dr Asmita Sant is Ayurvedic Doctor and Registered Practitioner since 25 years& She has completed Master Degree in Yoga as well. Dr Asmit has very intense knowledge about Ayurveda and yoga.She has been curing many patients through her Utmost devotion, dedication and commitment to the science and art of healing through Ayurveda and yoga& She has the enthusiasm and zeal to handle the patients problem with compassionate and politeness.She has been associated with Shiv Holistic Yoga since 15 year .