Yoga At Home – Mumbai

Shiv Holistic Yoga Pvt. Ltd. Is founded by Yogi Shiv Kumar Mishra to impart Yoga knowledge to all nationalities, the company aims to become a local point for mass return to the ancient science of Yoga. It has done pioneering work in the domain of Yoga at Home. It offers a complete, comprehensive Yoga Package for individuals and groups to their residencies and also provide On-Site training for Corporates

Shiv holistic Yoga is now a reputed brand & is associated with various esteemed Health Clubs & Gymkhanas and boasts of a host of satisfied individual clientele. It includes notes Industrialists, Journalists and film and sports personalities along with reputed Corporate Houses. See Testimonials

Shiv Holistic Yoga has carefully handpicked and trained its teachers to a high degree of perfection. The work is professional and result oriented, with a guarantee of treatment of almost all psychosomatic disease. In home tuition’s, the yoga program is designed by Yogi Shiv Kumar, personally. The therapy is augmented by Naturopathy, Ayurveda & diet advice wherever essential.

About 20000 families of South Mumbai are practicing Yoga with Shiv Holistic Yoga teachers. All are healed, satisfied, contented by its teachers. We have expert doctors who at regular intervals visit our clients at their place to ascertain their progress and improvement. We also have dieticians who will suggest the diet for our clients according to the requirement which will be helpful to keep them fit. Shiv Holistic Yoga is also India’s first ISO Certified Company. We are also a Yoga Education Institute certified by The Government of India.

Our Concept Of Yoga Is Stretch

Stress has now become an inseparable part of our life in modern times. Nature has provided us with built-in facilities to face stress. One of these mechanism is that – Whenever we face stress, all our muscle begin to contract i.e. tighten, thereby fortifying our “Body Armor” so as to protect us from body injury.

Our body is designed to acute stress. The problem is these because mow life is such that we suffer chronic stress. Therefore our muscles are chronically contracted i.e. tensed and hence our whole body is in continuous tension. Body and mind are closely related, so this tension penetrates to the mind. This is one of the major reason we feel tensed all the time. Yoga helps reverse the while process. For a moment think of each muscle as if it were a pendulum. The easiest way to get a pendulum to swing over to one side is by pulling it to the other. This is the concept of “Stretching”. A muscle will relax more profoundly if you first stretch it. It is the first step towards experiencing inner peace and healing.

Therefore in our Yoga sessions we put great emphasis on Stretching. So much so that our yoga at home classes are fondly given a nick name “Stretch Yoga”. It stands for both physical and mental well-being. It comes to the suffering humanity as a blessing in guise of psychosomatic treatment.

Benefits Of Yoga At Home

House-keeping is a great job, but often thank-less and no breaks.. This can create huge unrest in the mind. We know that when we are relaxed, we are working at peak efficiency and performing our best. In other words, your body and mind function most efficiently and effectively when you are relaxed. Yoga techniques can help you achieve more in the world, not withdraw from it. By learning to relax, you can perform even better.

Although the ancient swamis and mystics might cringe to hear this, practicing Yoga on a regular basis gives competitive advantage in whatever you are into – even your HOME world.

Home environment has its own share of possessions, hassles and stress. Yoga at home helps you to react potentially stressful situations in ways that more healthy and productive. When you can manage stress more efficiently, then you can accomplish even more. Your fuse get longer, Your “Stress threshold” increases. Thus Yoga helps increase your emotional health. Yoga is journey which explores the deeper sub-conscious and hence helps to tap hidden potentials and channelizes higher energy.

  • Power Yoga at home
  • Yoga at home for Back Pain
  • Yoga at home for beginners
  • Yoga at home for Pregnancy
  • Yoga at home for Weight Loss
  • Yoga at home for Diabetes
  • Yoga at home for Stress
  • Yoga at home for Depression
  • Yoga at home for Immunity
  • Yoga at home for Senior Citizen
  • Yoga at home for Fitness
  • Total body workout.
  • Increasing flexibility.
  • Muscle strength and body toning.
  • Improving breathing exercise.
  • Maintaining balanced metabolism.
  • Weight loss.
  • physical and mental relaxation.
  • According to your health problems.
  • Fight anxiety and improve social skills.
  • Improve sleep and calm the mind.
  • Improved memory and concentration
  • Stay healthy and happy.
  • Reduce stress and tension.
  • Reduce anxiety and depression.
  • Get strong and physically fit.
  • Increase energy level and positivity.
  • To improve concentration and focus in all areas of life.